Nancy Fulton


photographs of elements of the seasons


© 2015 Nancy Fulton     All rights reserved

Every season reveals its own set of colors, textures and light. Shadows in winter are long and the light is blue. Fall is an explosion of color in crisp air. Spring awakens us with fresh hues and delicate buds. Summer turns those colors deep; then burns them in the hot sun.

A Tapestry of Seasons investigates time and change; both are continuous as we travel through the year. Each moment is fleeting, a ghost that leaves an imprint, a feeling in our minds. The movement in my photographs mimics the motion of time and reduces natural elements to ambiguous suggestions of season and place. In photographing this series, the camera becomes my paintbrush. The colors, textures and light in front of the camera are my palette.

These digital captures explore how light reflected from or coming through natural elements is recorded and mathematized by a moving sensor. The process balances on a line between control and lack of control. This uncertainty is a reminder that the ecosystem around us is constantly changing and cannot be taken for granted. We have a significant influence on the natural world, but we are not in control.