Nancy Fulton

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I enjoy being outside in the natural world, walking though woodlands, across fields or along a seacoast. I find mystery and comfort in the woods. The quiet, the sounds, the light, the colors are constantly changing. Removed from the built world, I am surrounded by growth and decay.

These images were made within or at the edge of wooded areas. I am drawn to the high contrast between light and shadow as sunlight falls through openings between trees limbs or travels though vegetation, illuminating the undergrowth, making leaves translucent or filtering through a screen of opacity.

Working with these elements, I move the camera while the shutter is open. I am interested in patterns created by the moving sensor, the edge between representation and abstraction, the space between maintaining sharp edges and becoming a blur, the in-between that transforms an image into an experience, an escape into the other-worldliness of our imagination or our memory.